Medical applications that support communication

Easy to use tools that support online communication between doctors, patients, pharmacists and medical staff.

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MedFile – software that allows both individual offices and whole clinics to keep Electronic Medical Records. The program supports many types of work organization, including setting visit dates, creating and storing medical records and creating and printing prescriptions and referrals. It Is also possible to attach photos do patients’ medical records.

Application designed for doctors – online medical files

To conduct our marketing research projects, we use a research infrastructure of our own, including proprietary software that supports field, online and phone-based surveys. We have at our disposal an ever growing research panel that enables us to provide ad-hoc measurements. Our comprehensive facilities are all systematically developed.

Security and comfort

MedFile guarantees the highest level of security, allowing permanent access to patient data only to select authorized personnel. The software also prevents data loss by keeping constant backups. Cloud computing provides immediate updates to the latest version of Patient Medical Registers.

MedFile Application Demo

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eCRF application - a multi-module system, created for the scientific needs of the pharmaceutical sector, unique on the Polish market. In designing it we followed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, resulting in compliance with Title 21 CRF Part 11.



LabSites platform

LabSites – a platform for interdisciplinary e-communication between laboratories, physicians, patients and specialists.


Reporting applications

Software that collects data in a central database, and enables automated reporting. Reports generated by our systems are dynamic – for example, we can change the data range freely, and the report reacts in real time.


Ad Hoc Research Software

Our Ad Hoc Research software allows for complete support of pharmaceutical market research, including in particular work conducted by medical professionals. Thanks to its flexibility, every customer can customize individual modules and functions to meet the needs of their particular projects.



Custom applications

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