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Medical facilities are constantly looking for software tailored to their needs. Due to the specific nature of their activity, in particular the condition that IT systems used by medical units must meet the requirements specified by the Polish law, choosing the right software to use is difficult. With our help, you can avoid any confusion. The software we provide is modern and secure. It is the basis of a well-functioning program for outpatient clinics and individual surgeries.

We offer a customized application, able to be used by different groups of users with varying levels of privileges. On the same platform, there is space for patients, doctors, nurses, administrative staff and managers of institutions. Access to each of these parts of the system is limited only to a select target group, and to data administrators. We’ve done everything we can to eliminate the possibility of unwanted access to data.

We tailor the software to the needs of a specific customer. Not only in terms of functionality, but also appearance and language options. Each of our clients has the ability to influence the operation of the portal and its appearance.

Our software for clinics ensures:

  • Attractive graphic form;
  • Clear interface;
  • Automatic database backup;
  • Archiving of information;
  • Automatic updates;
  • Support of various offices and studios within a single registration panel;
  • Patient registration with just a few clicks;
  • Aid system module;
  • Autofill system (automatically completing forms with, for example, names of drugs - according to the database of medicines available and admitted to trading on the Polish market);
  • Ability attach any files to patients’ cards;
  • Export data in popular formats (Excel, PDF, Word);
  • Payment module;
  • Ability to print bills, prescriptions, invoices, reports, internal statements;
  • Easy access to statistics.

Electronic Health Record for Physician and Physio Practices with free website and practice management.

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