Electronic Health Record

for Physician and Physio Practices

Free website and Find the Right Doctor database
Online appointments
Comprehensive and flexible scheduling
A cloud-based EHR solution designed to meet the opportunities of comprehensive medical care. Easy documentation. Access patient data anytime and anywhere - PC or a smartphone. Medfile - unique software designed to meet the requirements of each specialty.
medfile mobile app for Android Medfile mobile app for iOS
Medfile is an appropriate system for a small, solo practice and also large, multi-provider/multi-location group.
Medfile® is an appropriate system
for a small, solo practice and also large,
multi-provider/multi-location group.
This feature-rich system allows you to:
  • Get free website for increased productivity and greater income
  • Booking online appointments
  • Create and customize comprehensive templates and maintain patients health records
  • Keeping 100% online communication with patients (SMS, e-mail, electronic signature)
Dedicated modules for
Long/short term care
Long/short term care
Physical therapy
Physical therapy
Medfile - Electronic Health Record with free website,
Find the Righ Doctor database and practice management
Electronic Health Record Free website and Find the Right Doctor Online appointments Customized templates of visit card SMS notifications ICD 10, ICD 9, ICF Scheduler MedSign – electronic signature Mobile Apps (iOS, Android) VoIP Telehealth Additional Integration
Electronic Health Record
The patient's card based on traditional visit card, with all sections needed to conduct a comprehensive interview and to document the disease are available. Wide variety of patient document types are supported.

Several means are provided to receive document electronically into the patient records; such as scanning, file import, and fax. Similarly multiple methods are supported to send document out of patient records; such as paper printing, file export, and fax
Free website and Find the Right Doctor online database for patients
Make a free website with our website builder. Medfile makes it easy for you to create a website and grow your business and offer SEO solutions all in one place.
Online appointments
Online booking and appointment scheduling on your free website, which allows easy booking management and 24/7 online booking.
Customized templates of visit card
Templates of visit card designed for long/short term care, dental, rehab, gynaecology. Personal customization just in few clicks.
SMS notifications
Text message notification about visit scheduling and reminders about the visit.
ICD 10, ICD 9, ICF
Quick and easy ICD-10 lookup. Most commonly used procedures and diagnosis codes are readily available.
Comprehensive and flexible scheduling capabilities to ensure smooth operation of the practice. Maximum flexibility by letting you create and view custom schedules for each provider and for each location.
MedSign – electronic signature
Easy create your own professional form and sent it to patients via e-mail. Patients answers are stored in patients card. Safe time and paper.
Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)
Mobile apps support your daily workflow. Scheduler and patients card in your hand. Responsive visit card.
Own phone number, telephone exchange with IVR scenarios, call recording and virtual fax.
Telehealth facilitates interactions between patients and doctors, where a diagnosis and outcome can be determined based on the provided readings and responses.
Additional Integration
For Polish market - NFZ - Platform P1, P2, e-WUŚ, e-Prescription, e-ZLA, ZnanyLekarz Platform, Google Calendar, fiscal printer, laboratories.
Custom applications
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Electronic Health Record for Physician and Physio Practices with free website and practice management.

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