Ad Hoc Research software
Our Ad Hoc Research software allows us to provide complete support for pharmaceutical market research, including primarily research conducted by medical professionals. Thanks to its flexibility, every customer can customize individual modules and functions to meet the needs of their particular projects.
We offer our software in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, so you do not need a dedicated server of your own, and we can provide the support of an experienced IT team 24/7. To use the software, you only need a mobile device with a current version of your web browser.
of Ad Hoc Research:
patient observation journal:
  • Market research conducted among physicians by client’s own SF;
  • Encoding questionnaires in 1 work day;
  • Application available on tablets and smartphones through a web browser;
  • Complete control over fieldwork;
  • Convenient and instant access to results;
  • Minimized research costs.

Electronic Health Record for Physician and Physio Practices with free website and practice management.

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