A simple online tool that allows the patients themselves to monitor
their vital parameters.
Our patient observation journal was created for people chronically ill, who need to monitor their basic daily life. Instead of a traditional paper diary, we propose an electronic observation journal, which makes it easy to record and process information.

It is a simple to use and useful tool for doctors verifying patient’s compliance. With a 24/7 online journal, your doctor has immediate access to drug admission data, recorded vital signs, illness records, and other elements of the patient’s lifestyle.
The analysis of parameters recorded by the patients in the journal allows clinicians to capture changing trends within the disease, and to figure out any difficulties that arise when taking medication. Our diary is a guarantee of constant monitoring of patient’s health, and of fluid exchange of information between various medical staff responsiblefor the treatment process.

The Medfile® program for medical clinics has created a tool that will further improve the work of specialists - a patient observation log:

  • Friendly panel for data entry and keeping notes;
  • Simple communication and ease of data transfer;
  • Records of visits to a medical facility;
  • Automatic alarms and reminders;
  • Creation of charts, graphs, tracking of changes and dependencies;
  • Ability to upload, download and print data at any time.

Electronic Health Record for Physician and Physio Practices with free website and practice management.

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