The security of the data stored on our servers is a huge priority to us. We know that the issue is very important to our customers. By providing our software in the SaaS model, along with the possibility for multiple access, we have implemented a number of standards-based solutions for data acquisition and storage. We have made – and are continually making, in line with changing circumstances – the maximum effort and investment in our servers, backups and maintenance of the entire system.


Our customers have constant access to from anywhere and at any time. The licenses we offer also include the multi-access option, which means that multiple users can use the system at the same time. Thanks to the security procedures that we impose on our clients, however, this access is always limited only to authorized users, which is ensured by employing unique access keys and a safe method of data encryption.


We provide a network of dedicated servers located in several different data centers throughout the country. All units are adequately secure and are equipped with SSL certificates. Access to the system shell is strictly limited to a few administrators, available 24/7.


In accordance with data collection, processing and storage standards, we have developed and implemented operating procedures of our own, and regularly perform security audits.


For our IT professionals, data security is paramount.

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