The only conditions required to use the system is available access to the Internet, and a current version of your web browser of choice.

Our system works in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, based on cloud computing. This is significantly different form the traditional way of providing software on a server, or the client’s computer. does not require any technical preparation from the user, except for having a computer with Internet access and an updated browser.


The software is available on BioStat’s servers, which also allows us to provide full technical support, using a dedicated team of experienced IT specialists. Our customers do not need to invest into an IT infrastructure, or hire IT specialists. This significantly reduces the cost of software implementation and maintenance. It also provides access to easy upgrades (process automation), high reliability, data security and system access availability for authorized administrators from anywhere in the world.


Advantages of working in the cloud:

  • Low cost of implementation and maintenance;
  • Minimum technical requirements (computer with Internet access and a current browser);
  • Flexibility of license;
  • Immediate readiness to work;
  • Availability from anywhere in the world 24/7;
  • Automated updates;
  • Data safety;
  • Automated database backups;
  • Reliability;
  • Support of an experienced IT team.
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